Make More Fees is the most powerful and effective recruitment course on the market for experienced recruiters and billing managers/Directors. Typically, participants have between 6 months and 6 years recruitment experience.
Make More Fees can be adapted to suit all recruitment sectors.

Make More Fees is where the secret treasure and the gold-dust can be found.

Make More Fees will increase the annual revenue of participants who are already good, very good or exceptional by between 20% and 100%

Make More Fees contains techniques and strategies which 99.5% of consultants ,managers and Directors  have never seen before.

Make More Fees is usually taken as a 2 day course, not necessarily run on consecutive days.

What Will Make More Fees Do For You ?

  • It demonstrates advanced strategies for greater candidate, client and assignment control.

  • It shows how to build instant trust and credibility with candidates and clients.

  • It shows how to maximise the outcomes of candidate interviews with clients.

  • It shows how to provide an exceptional candidate service – clearly different to and better than that provided by your competitors.

  • You will see how to fill a higher proportion of your current vacancies.

  • You will be able to place a higher proportion of your candidates in a wider range of positions. In other words, you will significantly increase the revenue value of your existing and future candidate pool.

  • You will see how to obtain more candidate referrals, and more candidates coming to you first and exclusively.

  • You will be shown how to obtain more repeat business.

  • You will see how to get more clients coming to you first/retainers/exclusives.

  • You will be shown advanced strategies for business development.

  • You will be shown advanced marketing and client care strategies.

  • You will find out how to maximise the revenue from existing and potential new contacts.

  • You will see how to maximise cross-selling opportunities.

  • You will achieve faster market penetration, increased market share and higher vacancy flows.

  • You will learn how to give all of your competitors, both large and small, sleepless nights.

All Make More Fees courses can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Make More Fees has proven itself time and time again with high quality experienced consultants and managers in top-rated quality driven recruitment businesses.

Make More Fees is not like any other course you may have experienced. You and your people will love it.

What Do I Do Now ?

For an exploratory telephone consultation and/or to arrange an initial meeting, please call Dean Gollings on 07980 301571. Alternatively you can email him on

We will be delighted to hear from you.

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