Ken Brotherston

CEO at the GRS Group.
Former Chairman of Morgan McKinley and President of Futurestep and Korn Ferry

What is the biggest change you have seen in the recruitment industry since you joined it ?

The level of specialization required to do the job well. The internet has required that recruiters at every level have a deeper knowledge of the sectors they cover as well as an increased ability to assess potential candidates for a role.

2. What is the biggest lesson you have learned while trading through the current recession ?

You stick to basic principles of focusing on markets you understand and always give the best possible service you can. Don't try and cut corners or make a fast buck. Integrity and trust don't just pay off in the long term, they pay off in the short term as well.

3. What do you most love about your job ?

The ability to interact with people, doing something interesting and getting well rewarded for it.

4.What prediction would you make about the industry over the next 5 years ?

It will continue to specialize - networking sites will make the process of candidate identification easier than ever before so consultants must be able to add more value than ever before if they are to stay relevant and viable. Those that don't will go out of business.

5.Your job must bring many pressures. What is your best tip for dealing with stress ?

Not knowing if you can feed your children or pay the rent is stress; Being a soldier in Afghanistan is stress. Keeping a sense of context and proportion is the best way to deal with any pressure in my job. (that and playing drums!). 

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